It Forces Us To Step Up Our Game And Focuses Our Aim

Three Black women on a beach, sharing space. | Photo Credit: Jovaughn Stephens

I have been included in an amazing group of writers who call themselves simply Writers and Editors of Color. They do not have a website, but each of them combined (forty-eight and counting), have an interconnected platform of thousands.

We follow each other on social media, we support each other’s…

“What Would You Do If Racism Didn’t Exist In This World, And You Had Nothing To Bitch About?”

This is the only photo I could find on NappyStock.Com with a Black Person Sleeping…I Wonder Why The Fuck That Is

This is a question I was asked on Twitter today, and now I present you with my response:

I’ve been doing deep breathing, especially during my mediations when I hear shit that I don’t want to hear, which is usually thoughts or messages that have nothing to do with me…

Your Insults Do Nothing To Push Me Forward

Pride 2019 Surrey BC, Devon J Hall




I used to be the kind of person who craved identity. I craved it the way that most people crave water, but after I was gang-raped for the third time, I genuinely stopped caring about what people thought of me.

I couldn’t help myself, after that event in my life…

We Become the People Were Were Born to Be, But Only When We’re Willing To Fight


I believe genuinely, that human beings were born to this earth to explore and to discover what has become of the planet in the absence of the ancient ones so that we can tell them all that we learned while we were here.

However, there are people in this world who got to this planet before we did, and whether or not we like it, they like to believe that they make the rules.

Watch this three-minute video and you’ll understand.

For generations, centuries, throughout time and space, those who lived on…

This Year 2020–2021 Has Changed A Lot For Me…I’m Not Going Backwards

Every article that I write is written under the eye of this woman. She doesn’t have a name, but she reminds me of what I come from, and why I’ll never go back.

There are rules to being a Black woman in America, or Canada for that matter, and they all revolve around making our white counterparts feel safe and comfortable, while we suffer, struggle, and try to survive.

Even with everything we know about systemic racism, sexual abuse, and trauma, I feel like my job is to be a part of the conversation and now that I am here I am not going backward.

Recently I found out how many of my old friends were bonified, proud racists…

“I Want To Be Like Devon J Hall When I Grow Up,” No You Don’t.

Some days I just don’t have it all together. Some days I take the weight of the world, and I put it on my shoulders, and whether or not I like doing it is revealing to me.

Largely because I am procrastinating from pushing myself forward. I am afraid of…

It’s Been One Year Since The World Discovered The Meaning Of The World Pandemic

One year since the pandemic hit.

I don’t really know how I feel about it. George Floyd taught me the importance of standing up for Black people. Breonna Taylor taught me the importance of standing up for Black women. Neither of them died due to the pandemic.

22,394 people have…

I have never seen Africa, but I will admit, when I think of Africa, even as a woman of color, a Black woman, I do not think of thriving downtown business corridors. I do not think of fashion, music, and food. I think the desert, I think the wild, yes I have been conditioned to think this way, but BECAUSE of this post, I am going to force myself to think differently about Africa, thank you.

Devon J Hall

I Am The Loud Mouth Brown Girl, from Surrey BC. Writer, Poet, Artist, Dancer, Singer, Teacher, Friend, and Ally, Just Trying To Fight For A Healthier World.

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