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Uncomfortable, written by Devon J Hall Available through Amazon

“I’ve written posts that get fifty views, I’ve written posts that get hundreds of thousands of views, different levels, different devils.” — Marley K

We are trained to believe in ourselves when other people tell us, that we should believe in ourselves. If we don’t hear positive affirmations about ourselves often, then we don’t know that we’re allowed to believe in ourselves.

The lack of love that people receive convinces them that they are unloved, and unloveable because we watch other people around us being told how great they are and how much they matter, and we’re left wondering why no one is telling us that stuff. …

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A millennia ago, creatures that we don’t even have names for seeded the earth, and provided for us a road map for who we are supposed to be.

Generations upon generations taught us the importance of treating each other with basic respect and human decency. We have seen in our past, what happens when we allow white power and supremacy to overtake the rules of law, order, and the basic human rights that all humans are supposed to be granted at birth.

I was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada, but I grew into the woman I am, through living in Surrey, British Columbia. …

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Writing my stories have helped me allocate time and energy to sharing the experiences that made me who I am.

It shouldn’t have taken until I turned thirty-seven for me to realize that there are people on this earth who think that I have worth and value, but it did. It took this long because most of my life was surrounded by people who told me the exact opposite.

Too many times in this world, children are abused and broken down by the abuse of adults. …

It occurred to me only recently that my former abusers might have more victims out there. It took me a while for me to get out of the “why me” “only me” way of thinking.

When you have been abused to the degree I have — and I’ve been through everything from being kidnapped (twice) to being gang-raped (three times) and raped by individual rapists more times than I can count.

I was a child when most of that stuff happened, and so I try to remind myself that it wasn’t my fault then, that I didn’t have any choice but to survive what I was going through until I could be big enough to stand up for myself. …

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I tend to spend ten to twelve hours every day working. Even when it looks like all I am doing is sitting on Twitter talking to other writers or bloggers, what I am really doing is networking and building the audience for my brand.

When I am not writing I am marketing my blog, promoting it and being the extrovert that I really don’t want to be.

It takes work to put yourself out there, it takes effort and it can be incredibly draining, but too often when you say you are a Blogger people think of it as a hobby. …

I am nervous about the responsibility of sharing my story on open platforms. Not because I am worried for my safety, although there is a certain aspect of that in my anxiety, but mostly it’s because I don’t want to let anyone down. ~Devon J Hall, The Loud Mouth Brown Girl

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When you share your story, there is an expectation that you are ready to hear other people’s accounts of their own abuse or trauma, and unfortunately that is not always true.

I am talking from my own personal experience when I share my stories and there are people out there who relate to my stories who want to share their own experiences with me. …

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I blog most often at Loud Mouth Brown Girl Dot Com so stop in and say hello

I honestly think that there is an expectation for us to be stronger than any race on the planet. We survived Genocide, we survived Rape, we survived Torture, we survived Slavery, so there for we don’t have any problems…right?

Let me be the first to tell you that’s a load of utter bullshit. It’s not true. We are weak, we are broken, we are sad, we are lonely and the color of our skin doesn’t change this fact. …


Loud Mouth Brown Girl

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