Why White People Need To Stop

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I know you’re tired and I know it’s difficult and I know there is a lot of work to do, but you can’ t lump all wite cis people toether or you are going to piss some of them off.

I whole heartedley agree that there are a ton of people who will scream about Freedom but as you indicated they are taking about their own personal version of Freedom and thw same exact thing goes with Women’s Right’s.

Don’t call them names and you will get them on your side. — Comment on Stupid Shit White People Love To Say

For years women have been complaining about men, and eventually, I got so tired of hearing “not all men,” that I wrote an article talking about how we KNOW it’s not all men, but that doesn’t change the fact that SOME men go out of their way to be absolutely evil.

Now it seems that I need to say the same thing about white people, and honestly, I’m fucking tired.

If you’re more offended by me saying that white people — in general — suck, than you are by the fact that a pregnant woman was shot five times by cops even though she had her hands up and was clearly not even remotely a danger to them, then look in the mirror and realize that you ARE the problem.

If you’re angrier at me and the people of #WEOC, for talking about racism, then you need to stop and realize that YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

If you are more pissed off at me and my collaborators for saying that Black and BIPOC folk — women specifically — deserve to be treated better than we’re being treated, then you are at the fact that we are being killed by the dozens every week, then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

No matter how well-meaning your comments, so many of you, too many of you I might add, are focused on the wrong things.

I wrote this article called “Dear White People, I Don’t Actually Care if I Offend You,” and I meant every word of that article. I don’t care that you wear your whiteness like dragon skin, I do not care that you think your whiteness is a “get out of jail free,” card, and I certainly do not care that I hurt your pathetical snowflake-like delicate little feelings, because MY brothers, sisters, and cousins, are being murdered every day while you’re crying over some mean thing someone said on the fucking internet.

Yesterday I was enraged on Twitter because I was talking about the Angry Bird’s Facebook Game. It’s a really great game that helps me disassociate from the crap in my life for a while and allows me to focus on something fun. People were pissed off because the game was down for a day.

Even though they weren’t losing anything and we were assured that our accounts would be in perfect working order when the game was up and running again, people were still entitled enough to ask for “compensation,” for having to wait for the game to be fixed. IT’S A FREE GAME, and yes, you guessed it, BOTH of the people complaining were white.

This sense — this constant never-ending stream of entitlement that WHITE PEOPLE SPECIFICALLY have, toward the world is disturbing at least, and traumatizing at best.

Every single day Black and BIPOC folk get up and pray that the people they love make it through the day in one piece, and every night they say small prayers to whatever God or Goddess they believe in when those family members do come home.

But more and more, less and less Black and BIPOC folk are making it home safe, but please, talk to me one more fucking time about how my brash fearless nature made you feel uncomfortable because you didn’t like the fact that we called out your white racist neighbour.

If the only hill you have to die on is “someone said something means to me on the internet because I’m white,” and not “my BFF/cousin/sister/daughter/niece got shot because she was pregnant while Black,” then do us all a favour and shut the fuck up, no one cares.

Not all of us have the luxury of making it through the day without being violated or traumatized, so recognize that privilege and stay in your lane.

If you see a post that says “yo white people,” and you feel attacked, there’s probably a very good chance that (ironically) IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU SPECIFICALLY, SO MAYBE SETTLE DOWN AND LOOK TO THE LEFT.

If something that I say offends you or even resonates with you, ask yourself why. Do the fucking work and quit expecting people of colour to explain it to you, we are constantly doing that even when we say we don’t want to, and it’s exhausting.

“I’m trying to learn but I don’t understand” is just as difficult for us to accept and swallow as “I’m trying to learn but you’re being really offensive.”

A PREGNANT WOMAN BEING SHOT FIVE TIMES BECAUSE SHE WOULND’T GET ON HER KNEES EVEN THOUGH NO ONE WAS IN DANGER EXCEPT HER IS OFFENSIVE…but you got insulted on the internet, so I totally understand how the two are comparable.

Thoughts and prayers are on their way.

Devon J Hall



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