Who Was Kevin Samuel and Should We Care?

Kevin Samuels Was Famous For Being A Jerk, But Where Does Entertainment End and Humanity Begin

Devon J Hall @LoudMouthBrownGirl
6 min readMay 12, 2022


Kevin Samuels was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 13, 1965. He grew up the child of two divorced parents, and while I don’t know the rest of his history, what I do know is that whatever happened, turned him into a cold, cruel, and bitter man.

When people die, we’re supposed to send them to the next life with ceremony, song, food, and dance. We’re supposed to tell stories about all the funny things they said and did, we’re supposed to laugh with each other, and we’re supposed to cry.

Tears are an accepted part of the tradition of burying the dead, but when the news came across my desk, my first thought was “good.”

I’m not going to apologize, because, throughout the last year that I’ve spent hearing this man’s name, his name was always followed by the phrase “what now?

How It Started

So about a year ago, someone approached me and asked me very specifically to talk about Kevin Samuels, they encouraged me to watch his videos and to see what I had to say about him. I believe at the time they thought they were lighting a torch, handing it my way, thinking that I would set the forest on fire.

I ultimately decided not to, because I wasn’t interested in starting a fire with a person whose only direction in life was about tearing down Black women. What would have been the point? I’d have been starting a fight with a much bigger fish, who the world already knew was a douchbag.

This was a situation that wouldn’t have served my best purpose at all, if anything it would have just created a social media flame war, that wouldn’t have been great for the Loud Mouth Brown Girl brand or my self-esteem, and so I made the choice to go with my sanity and leave it alone.

And then He Died, and Men Everywhere Mourned While Women Laughed and Danced

I didn’t dance, I’m saving it up until we find out that a band of angry Black women broke into his house and murdered him with a set of spatulas.

“Gasp, Devon, that’s not funny, death is sad.” Is it tho? What exactly are you going to miss about Kevin Samuels? Are you going to miss his kind, supportive nature, designed to make you feel safe?

Are you going to miss the way he wrapped you tightly with his kind words and his soft love? No, you’re fucking not, because he didn’t do any of that.

The man made more than $4 Million dollars, MILLION, using his platform to make fun of, humiliate, and degrade Black women. What the fuck are you crying about?

The Only People Missing Samuels Are Men Who Got Off On Watching Him Evisorate Black Women

I know exactly who is missing Kevin Samuels today besides his close family and friends, and it’s mostly all men who got off on watching him tear down Black women, being abusive, and getting away with it, because “it’s just Youtube.”

In a day when every single person on the planet can have a platform that can “go viral” overnight, why would you celebrate the most awful people on the planet? Because they get away with doing stuff you can’t, like telling a Black woman with a job, a house and a car, no kids, no dependants at all, and a successful career, that she is “average at best,” because you don’t like her ass.

Or because she’s not showing enough boob. Come on, this guy wasn’t a hero, he was a celebrated bully, and now the world wants to erase all his bad deeds and forgive him because he died? Fuck that noise.

If we were less afraid of death and more afraid of what happens to people while they are alive, there’d be a lot less abuse on this planet, but we’re so wrapped up in our traditions, in the idea of forgiving people because “that’s what Jesus would do.”

Let me tell you something my loves, I am not Jesus, I do not forgive, and I do not forget. I’ve seen too many Black men like Samuels go out of their way to destroy Black women for a white audience and it makes me sick every time.

He turned his back on every woman who came before his mother — INCLUDING HIS MOTHER — in order to make money by humiliating the world’s most vulnerable population. He capitalized on the pain of Black Women.

What the fuck am I mourning him for? I’m glad he’s gone, where’s his grave so I can spit on it?!

I don’t consider his death to be a loss, not even a little bit. I understand that Kevin may have started out wanting to help people, but he weaponized his platform, and we all know how I feel about weaponized platforms.

He was a narcissist, that enjoyed abusing Black women for clicks and likes, and he got away with it because he dressed in nice suits, and made the world think that he was doing it out of a place of tender loving caring when in reality he was ONLY ever doing it for the money.

When Social Media Stars Die, All Content Creators Feel The Loss

This may be a true statement for some people, but honestly, with everything that I’ve been through and the number of the times a day that I am forced to be grateful against my will, for the fact that I survived it all, I don’t have time to cry about every single death.

I used to, I used to cry at every single death of every person that I’ve ever met, but I stopped doing that when an Anonymous hacker I knew — who by the way was a fucking douchbag — died in his sleep. Mainly because I miss him, a lot. He was a fucking asshole, but he was also at his core, a truly good man.

He worked on operations that helped a lot of people, and saved some lives, and even though he was a broken human being, I fucking miss him, because in his brokenness he actually BELIEVED he was doing the right thing.

Kevin Samuels didn’t give a fuck about doing the right thing. He convinced these women to come on his platform, he reeled them in with questions designed to make them think that he cared about their questions, their feelings, their hopes and dreams, and then jus when they least expected it, he roasted the fuck out of him.

He made a lot of money destroying Black women so you bet your ass we’re laughing, and no we don’t fucking care that he’s gone, because frankly men like him just get in the way.

Most Black women spend 30–60 years breaking down the conditioning of our childhood and early twenties, and Kevin Samuels did everything he could to drag women backward by shitting on all of their accomplishments because it made him feel good to do so.

So why the fuck should I feel guilty that he’s gone, purely because he's gone? If you want people to mourn you when you die, don’t treat them like shit when you’re alive. I mean it seems like a pretty basic rule to me.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



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