This is What We Wanted From A Young Age

To Be in Charge, To Be an Adult, To Have Freedom…Well, You Have it. What Are You Going To Do With It?


There are few songs that describe what I’m feeling more than this one. It’s a really great track.

Tell me I won’t ever be nothin’, ain’t that somthin’?
I’ve risen from the bottom
I got ’em eyes on the prize and inside ‘em
Damn right I overcame, y’all know the name
We similar but never been the same
Everybody, yeah they know the name
Right now, we’ll make it some how
We’ll make it some way
Yeah you know we gon’ get it today like
I’m all on my own now
I won’t ever let you down
Won’t let you down down down — We’re Broken People now, Logic and RagnBone Man,

Every day we get up and we think “Today’s the day something majickal is going to happen,” and we don’t die.

We don’t see not dying as majickal, because billions of people make it through the day without dying, but what if not dying is the majick that we’ve been searching for?

What if not dying leads to the opportunity to be the change that we want to see in the world? What if we didn’t live our lives wishing for majick, but instead saw that we are the majick that we need in the world?

David Perlmutter has read every piece I’ve ever written on Medium, and I suspect several on Loud Mouth Brown Girl, he’s taken the time to highlight the parts he likes or resonates with, and while he never leaves a comment, (NOT calling you out), he always makes sure I know he read the piece.

That’s a kind of majick, to know that. To know that someone out there, who is completely different than me, is reading the work that I cherish doing so much. That’s majickal!

Each and every member of W.E.O.C. Editors is someone who has worked tirelessly on the pieces that matter to them, and then collectively our hundreds of thousands of readers, go out into the world with “our” thoughts, our perspectives, OUR beliefs in their head, and try to do something majickal in their own right.

Majick spreads like pollen, once you give the world a kiss of kindness it spreads like a plague of happiness across a desert of misery, and all you have to do, is step one toe into the circle and be a part of it, to be something great.

Maybe you write a rap song, sure anyone can do that, but can you share it? Can you put yourself and your fears aside, and be vulnerable enough to put it out there so other people can hear it? Because the moment that you decide that YOUR voice matters enough to be shared, you have participated in the act of forging majick.

Sure others won't’ see your act of vulnerability as an act of bravery, but they don’t have to. The act of bravery is enough for a majick to see you, hear you, and want to wrap itself around you, and she, they, he, and them, will embrace you the moment you start sharing your work.

I know this because the moment that I got serious about Loud Mouth Brown Girl was the moment that people started to care about me too.

I didn’t think anyone would care about my writing, but W.E.O.C. Editors gave me a digital space online to call home, a safe space where I can go to talk to others who are struggling like I am sometimes.

Savannah Worley is literally always there when I need someone to talk to, and I don’t know if she knows this, but the very act of her embracing me into her friend circle, has saved my life more times than I talk about.

Renita Quirls is always there to embrace my wild ideas and to make me laugh, she from the moment we met, taught me what friendship really is.

I have so many friends from around the world now because I took the chance to share my story, and my vulnerability with the world, and yes I do bitch a lot about white folk and their racism, but that’s because I get to write posts like this and talk about all the wonderful folk I know.

Not just white folk like Barrie Hall, and not just Black folk like Egberto Willies, but all folk, from all races, creeds, colors, nationalities, sizes, and orientations. I have friends from America who are Asian, and friends from Switzerland that are African, because I took the chance to share my story.

Remind me again, why is it you think majick is make belief?

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall, The Loud Mouth Brown Girl



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