Okay, Teachers, We Need To Talk About Boundaries

Some Teachers Are Going too Far and it’s Time We Discuss The Reality of the Teacher, Student, Parent Relationship

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2nd grader was instructed to ‘send a picture of you doing reading homework in the bathtub,’ parents say

It Started With The Transgender Kids Not Being Allowed To Play Sports in Florida, and Continues with this shit. Are you serious?

Yes, I am. Everyone has a breaking point and this is mine. You ask my 2nd grader — you ask my child ever at all for any reason — to take a photo in a bathtub, unless they are being paid to model for a very specific company or product, my eyebrows are going up and I’m questioning your motives.

When this family did that they were asked to leave, and we’re seeing more and more of this pedophilic behavior, and I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t entirely sure until I saw it myself.

Yes, PizzaGate was a Lie, but it was a lie that distracted us from the fact that pedophile rings do exist.

“In 1994 the state of New Jersey passed “Megan’s Law,” which required sex offenders to register with local police departments after their release. After its passage, other states followed similar legislative action. Following federal rules in 2003 that expanded the use of Amber Alerts nationwide, the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 established, among other things, a “comprehensive set of minimum standards for sex offender registration and notification in the United States.” In part, because not all states are yet in compliance, there is now a national website that allows searches for offenders across jurisdictions.” — Journalists Resource

Now, this is more concerning to me, because Google has hundreds of thousands of maps where you can see where pedophiles exist and live, but we know from the statistics that brown and Black women and children are more likely to be abused than any other person on the planet.

So if we know this, and we know that pedophiles are now openly asking children to take photos of themselves in the bathtubs, allowing and forcing 10-year-old girls to give birth to their rapist's babies, and continuing to show their asses, so to speak, my question is when is it going to end?

Already a girl in Texas who is only ten years old has been told she has to give birth to her baby, even though it came from a rapist. She will be imprisoned if she does not. She is not allowed an abortion because according to the court “it will be too difficult for her in later years.”

Excuse me? Since when are we okay with prioritizing the rights and needs of the rapist and abuser over the victim? Since 2022 apparently. Since Roe Vs Wade disappeared from our lives, which we always knew it would.

Joe Biden could have and should ratify Roe vs Wade, but if he doesn’t do it before the election he might lose the chance, and we all know that there’s every shot in the world that he may actually lose.

They say that you don’t choose another commander in chief during the war, but “we” are not at war, so what’s next? What’s to say that the next POTUS doesn’t just make it legal to rape children? What’s to say they don’t legalize child marriage? What’s to say that this isn’t going to get worse when we are literally watching it get worse every single day?

I’m tired. I don’t want to keep telling people that I was a victim of child sex trafficking, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I want to let it go and move on, but I can’t when I see too many kids suffering at the hands of men. And women.

Too many adults are wringing their hands together, but they are so busy fighting at every corner of their lives, they don’t have. the energy or wherewithal to do anything about what they are seeing.

It’s like plugging holes in a spaghetti strainer, the size of the planet. That’s how too many activists are feeling right now.

They are literally sitting in a shit soup of “we told you so,” which is…not great, but now that we know that, I am going to ask the same question that I’ve been asking all year.

Do we know what the problems are what are we going to do about them?

The only thing that we can do is ask those of you who are not natural activists to take what you’ve learned this year, last year and in the last one hundred years and use it to help turn the tide.

I don’t give a shit if the color of the ocean is blue or red, what I care about is what do those colors mean? Traditionally people wear red so that their enemies won’t see them bleed, and that’s great and everything but I’m not interested in bleeding, let alone being seen bleed, so maybe, we could stop caring so much about identity politics, and focus instead on “this is wrong.”

It is wrong that youth are forbidden from participating in youth activities because of their gender. It’s disgusting that women are being imprisoned for having a miscarriage when 99.9% of all miscarriages are not actually a choice.

It’s evil that women and children are being placed on the chopping block for the disturbing, disgusting, and revolting desires of white men, and yes it is absolutely all white men, doing this to America, and it needs to stop.

So, again, we know what the problems are, my question to those of you reading this who are not natural activists, is this…What are YOU going to do about it?

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



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