Make No Mistake, The War for The Soul of America is Real…And It’s Spreading

From China to America, People are Protesting…Why? Because They Are The Hope We Need in This World

Devon J Hall @LoudMouthBrownGirl
3 min readNov 30, 2022


In the days of the Civil War Movement when Martin Luther King Jr was killed, I very much imagine there was at least one white person who said “that’ll shut them up.” I feel the same way about George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Emmett Till, every time they kill one of us I can hear one of them say “that’ll shut 'em up,” as if the spreading of Black blood will quiet our storm.

It won’t of course, it’s coming, the epic battle between good and evil, and these small political skirmishes are only setting up the most marginalized to suffer the most, as the system always intended.

The problem is that today 30 Republican senators voted not to upload the right to the marriage act. This means that 30 very powerful people are fully planning to make a go at interracial and LGBTQ2S+ marriage, and I’m not sure how much fight our side has left.

“You Can’t Fight When You’re Starving,” — Paraphrased from the Art of War, but not really. The actual passage is something like “if you want to succeed at war you must be willing to do anything, sacrifice anything to win, at all costs. Even the cost of cruelty. Cruel acts are a necessary act of war.”

I don’t even know if that’s remotely close but it might as well be because it’s all true. To win the war you must be willing to do anything to destroy your enemy.

  • Poison
  • Kidnap
  • Rape
  • Torture
  • Death
  • Hunger

All of these things happen in war, that’s just a fact, and if you think the white supremacists are done just because a few of them are in prison, you’re wrong, because you know who else is there? Lots of Black, Brown, and Indigenous folk, who are becoming more and more surrounded by white supremacists.

We aren’t outnumbered by any stretch of the imagination. There are people all over the globe from the UAE to Albuquerque New Mexico who see what’s happening and know that it’s wrong.

The problems are increasing and the army is getting smaller and smaller, and we’re starting to feel surrounded. It started with Trans kids in Florida, then it moved to Abortions in Texas, and then Roe Vs Wade, and on and on and on, and it feels honest like it’s never going to end.

We have to stop believing that 1 single person is going to come and save us because life isn’t a movie, there isn’t a single hero there are many.

There are many leaders all convinced that they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders alone. I can’t imagine how white people must feel realizing that people they’ve known their whole lives have these racist and backwater views. Like are y’all okay? do you need a minute or two? Do you want to talk about how stressful it is to find out that Aunt Karen really does want to kill the Jews?

Imagine how we feel. In the summer of 2022, four men across 3 states were found hanging from trees. All of whom were Black, and the FBI decided not to call it lynching but instead accused the men of committing suicide.

If they didn’t there’s a problem we need to talk about, but if they did can we blame them? It as right after George Floyd died crying for his mother. What do you think those four Black men might have been trying to say if they did in fact kill themselves? Which I doubt they did, personally.

Black men in America learned a hard lesson during the pandemic, they learned they can scream for their mother, and the whole world will watch and do very little about it. Sure there were parades, and streets named after him, but has anything changed? Or is it just continuing to get worse, doesn’t anyone want to ask why?

Do we just not want to address these systemic issues? Is that the problem? Or is the problem that we’ve been fighting this war since the early days of enslavement, and we’ve never dealt with the generational curses laid upon us by those first early ones thrown off the boats, or “lucky” enough to make land?

Y’all I’m tired. I’m so fucking tired, and I just want to curl up and have my mother tell me that everything is going to be okay.

Is that wrong?

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall



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