Introducing Savannah Worley and Nada Chehade

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Saying goodbye to gang life, meant that I was saying goodbye to a lot of good people who were making mistakes I didn’t want to make. It was a lonely process filled with shaming, guilting, gaslighting, and worse, name-calling.

For a long, while I believed the things they said about me, I believed that they were right. I was just a rat looking for a payday, but it took two special women to teach me that I’m loveable, simply because, after less than a year’s worth of friendship, they decided to let me cry.

Friendship is a choice. It’s a decision, and it’s not one that everyone makes easily. Too many of us have been hurt, embarrassed, and abused by others we care about. So when we decide that we’re going to be intentional about our friendships, it can be a heavy weight to carry sometimes.

Nada Chehade and Savannah Worley make friendship effortless. They just show up. When you ask them to when you need them to, they are there for you, and I’ve never really had that before. I’ve never had women who encourage me and who want to get into the boat with me.

Who shows me that it’s not actually sinking, even though it feels like it is, so as we enter the Christmas season first and foremost I want to thank them. And I want to thank Allison Wiltz for introducing us.

My life has been exponentially changed by knowing these two women, and now they will be joining me with And Another Thing…as both Writers and Editors. Now their work isn’t free like mine, but it’s absolutely worth the $5.00 monthly fee to read what they have to say.

I feel honored to have writers of this caliber join me, and I hope if you don’t already you’ll take some time to follow them. Also added to the editing team is Arturo Dominguez who writes quite often for Latino Rebels, and Johnny Silvercloud who is one of the most prolific anti-racism writers on the planet.

I am thoroughly proud to help represent these writers and to share their future work with you. These humans are so graceful in the way that they write and share their work and are suffering from the far under-represented syndrome.

While you can definitely use mainstream media to get your news, you’ll never get more comprehensive views than you will from these writers and authors.

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to my friends for joining me in this magazine, and to encourage you to read their member-only content.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall, The Loud Mouth Brown Girl



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