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  • Lucinda Gunnin

    Lucinda Gunnin

    Lucinda Gunnin is a commercial property manager and author in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She’s a news junky, sushi addict, and geek extraordinaire.

  • Shiksha Surana

    Shiksha Surana

    Diverse interest in business, technology, travel, history & fiction that gushes out in form of blogs

  • Beaton


    I am not the words I write, nor the thoughts I share, but with each letter, I become ME BecomingTheMuse.net

  • Misty Rae

    Misty Rae

    3X Top Writer. Former legal eagle. Wife, mother, nature lover, chef, writer and all-around free spirit looking to write her way back to the ocean.

  • Autumn Hutson

    Autumn Hutson

    Writing whatever what I feel like because this is my hot blog! (insights on culture, style, life, etc.)

  • Lisa Martens

    Lisa Martens

    Like my posts, love my books, free on kofi: https://ko-fi.com/lisamartens Unique posts on my website starting July 2022: lisamariemartens.com

  • Kennardo James

    Kennardo James

    4x Top Writer. I expose racism and those who actively participate in it, plain and simple. Executive Director of Trailblazer TV.

  • 'Kúnlé Adébàjò

    'Kúnlé Adébàjò

    The last bio doesn’t cut it anymore. Will be back when I have a worthy replacement. Impatient? Shoot me (a message) at: adekunlebaj@gmail.com

  • Sherrell Writes

    Sherrell Writes

    I am a new Freelancer who is documenting her journey for others that feel like they have no idea what they're doing.

  • Rivka Wolf

    Rivka Wolf

    I’m the little girl who lived down the lane. Much appreciation to David Lynch. This generation of little girls are speaking for ourselves.

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