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  • G Correia

    G Correia

    Taking up space and proud to be average | Writing about life and trying to make sense of it all | Editor of Freethinkr | Maker of Pancakes

  • WEOC Editors

    WEOC Editors

    The editors and founders of WEOC, Teressa Price and Allison Gaines

  • Jee Young Park

    Jee Young Park

    American. Korean. Immigrant. Writer & Artist aspiring to anti-racism and global citizenship. #WEOC EIC Le Fool editor@le-fool.com

  • Sharai


    Playwright/Dramaturg/Freelancer. Queen of the nerds. Lover of mediocre cheese and cheap drinks. Recovering coffee addict. Habitually tweets about TV. (she/hers)

  • Rhammel Afflick

    Rhammel Afflick

    Outspoken writer, community organiser and award-winning campaigner.

  • Matthew Prince

    Matthew Prince

    I am a writer who is trying to understand the world. I write on philosophy, psychology, social justice, and everything else. For more info: princedet5@gmail.com

  • Nicole M

    Nicole M

    Black woman with a passion for writing and educating others

  • Tom Handy

    Tom Handy

    An investor writing his thoughts online. 23-year Self-taught Investor & 20-year Army Veteran. Interviewed by Money magazine 2x.

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