I Am The Loud Mouth Brown Girl, from Surrey BC. Author, Author & Artist, Dancer, Singer, Cannabis Educator, and Advocate. I am All this and more.

It Forces Us To Step Up Our Game And Focuses Our Aim

Three Black women on a beach, sharing space. | Photo Credit: Jovaughn Stephens

I have been included in an amazing group of writers who call themselves simply Writers and Editors of Color. They do not have a website, but each of them combined (forty-eight and counting), have an interconnected platform of thousands.

We follow each other on social media, we support each other’s…

As one of the few Canadian’s in WEOC, I Can Assure You, It’s Happening Here

Photo from Rotary Picnic Park — Canada, Credit @AllCndnsAreBuds on Twitter

The thing about Blood and Soil is that the people screaming it, and putting up these stupid ass stickers, aren’t concerned about their own blood. They’re talking about YOUR blood.

Women, LGBTQ2S+, Black, Indian, Indigenous, Asian, Jewish, anyone who doesn’t have blonde hair or brown hair, and blue eyes. …

Dear Obinna Morton Women Like You Inspire Me To Keep Living As If The World Were What it Should Be, To Show it What it Can Be

Thank you to WEOC Editors for introducing me to women such as Allison Gaines, Nada Chehade, and Obinna Morton.

These women, and so many more whose @’s I don’t know, are so powerful and so strong, and so unapologetically unafraid of what you think of them, and yet they are…

The Back Breaking Work of Being a Woman of Color, Specifically a Black Woman, Is So Traumatizing It’s Created a Meme. **TRIGGER WARNING**

Are you fucking kidding me? This article so clearly and poignantly describes the life of a Black woman that nothing that I write here could compare to the descriptions of trauma written here. That being said, I’m still going to try by telling anyone who read and supported this idea…

I’m Important because I’m The One Who Remembers…The Truth as I remember it.

Twenty-three-year-old Devon, after a fight with her first boyfriend

I was twenty-three when this photo was taken, and occasionally volunteering at the church, but I was spending most of my time with my friend Shawn. He’s a good man now, and he was back then too.

I once flicked a smoke and actually launched it at a degree several…

This article is inspired by Yael Wolfe Who Asked The Question First

Yael doesn’t know me, and I don’t know them, hence my use of “them,” instead of she.

I will say that this question, however, made me think about my experience as a Writer, a Published Author who just needed to finish the damned book so it would be done, and…

Devon J Hall

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